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Allot of people have wrote saying they have been having allot
of difficulties trying to give blood for Baby Delaney. I called around and got
the general information for people in and out of the state of Texas. When anyone
gives blood, it must go through what is called
" The National Blood Exchange."
All blood banks accept blood but not all blood banks
participate in the Exchange Program. There are some that will allow you to give
blood towards a particular persons account, which is called a "Replacement
Credit." There are some that will not do the replacement credits. The Red
Cross  DOES NOT participate in the Exchange Program.
They will gladly take your blood but will not let you specify to whom the blood
should go. There are very few states that do not participate in the
"Exchange Program" However, the list is quite extensive and not
something they could release to me. I will do some searching and try to locate a
list for everyone and put it here for everyone's convenience.  In the
meantime, I was able to speak directly to the person that is in charge of
crediting Delaney's account. She was very cooperative and willing to assist us
in anyway possible. She has welcomed anyone's phone calls regarding weather your
state participates in the Exchange Program or not. Her name is Beverly Johnson
and her toll-free number is 1-800-DONATE4  (1-800-366-2834) extension 5125.
If you cannot locate a hospital or blood bank within your town that participates
in the Exchange Program, AND accepts "Replacement Credits", then
please call Ms. Johnson at the above number and ask her to look up where you
have a participating hospital or blood bank in your area. When you find out
where you can donate the blood, you must then tell them you are donating blood
for Delaney Parrish at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas. It must be sent to:

Carter Blood Center

2205 Hwy 121

Bedford, Texas 76021

Attention of Beverly Johnson

You must give them Delaney's birth date (September 1,2000) and her name.

Again, when you call the hospitals or blood banks in your
area, you MUST ask them if they participate in sending "Replacement
Credits" and if so, give them all the information above for sending the
blood to and for crediting Baby Delaney's Account. Remember.....
the Red Cross DOES NOT participate in these programs.
I apologize for anyone who has been
trying to donate and couldn't. I hope this information helps, and if not and you
are still confused or having problems donating on behalf of Baby Delaney, please
call Beverly Johnson at the Carter Blood Center in Dallas. She has volunteered
her time to help anyone who cannot locate a participating facility in your
state, and the call is TOLL-FREE!!
God Bless and Keep the prayers coming!
Remember.......when things get tough just
("Pray Until Something Happens")

Sincerely, Jaynie Rosales


A blood drive has been set up for Baby Delaney in College Station
by Charlie Brent. The Blood center is on University Drive in
College Station. It is across the street from the Golden Corral.
They are opened M-T-TH from 10 am to 6 pm and Fridays from 8 am to 1 pm.
They are closed Wednesday and the weekend except for the First Saturday
of each month in which they are open from 9am to Noon. You can walk in
or call for an appointment at 979 268-4755 during business hours.
Thank You Charlie for your help in setting this up!!!!!